THE VIRUS OF LIFE : A Story from May 2 Resort (eBook ePUB)

THE VIRUS OF LIFE : A Story from May 2 Resort (eBook ePUB)


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Descarca si citeste cartea THE VIRUS OF LIFE : A Story from May 2 Resort (in format eBook ePUB) de Stefan Dragos Alexandru, Editura Letras, 2020. Promovăm autorii români.

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The Virus of Life is the life story of some children from 2 May village, followed by the author until their adolescence.

Their journey is difficult; at every important moment the Virus of Life seems to lurk them and to bring their feed on the ground, one by one.

Living their lives in poverty, between myths, legends and stories of the place, the children grow up unrefined, without any promises, between events that are on the border between an alienated society and the peace of a place full of prejudices.

Innocent games in which young people discover their sexuality, animals that devour children, rapes, incest, prostitution, suicide are all governed by poverty and lack of horizon.

Their lives are connected and controlled by entities that seem to have all the answers.

The “shadows” eventually get to dominate the young people without guidance.

Stefan Dragoş Alexandru was born in 1988 in 2 May village, he graduated from the Mircea cel Batran Naval Academy and sailed as a deck officer.

The Virus of Life is the author’s first book.

The Virus of Life (printed edition) by Stefan Dragoş Alexandru was published at Letras Publishing House in 2019.


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